Popular Gambling Strategies: Positive and Negative Progression Methods

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One of the greatest concerns of gambling fans is knowing just how to beat the odds of any game and emerge the winner. On our site we try to make things simple. Honing your skills to perfection is an excellent idea with regards to games that require an element of expertise such as blackjack.

But what about games which rely purely on chance and require no element of skill, such as slots or roulette? We examine some of the most relied upon gambling strategies by wagering fans under such circumstances.

Progression and Wagering

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What do you do when faced with a gambling game whose outcome relies purely on luck? Certain schools of thought among betting fans believe the best option lies in focusing on the one thing within your control under the circumstances, i.e., your expenditure or bankroll.

One of the most popular means of doing so is known as progression. This gambling strategy involves altering the size of your bets based on the success of preceding wagers.

Progression may be either positive or negative depending on whether you increase or decrease the size of the wagers you place in the event of a failed or successful bet. It is worth noting that both gambling strategies have their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages as well as methods.

Positive Progression


This method of progression involves your increasing the size of your bet after the previous wager you placed is successful and decreasing it when it is not.

The main advantages of this gambling method include the fact that most of the cash you wager with will belong to the casino rather than your bankroll, and the fact that it can be rather effective over a short period of time.

On the other hand, this method also comes with a few disadvantages too. These include its unsuitability for extended playing sessions and the fact that your luck could change during a game. Examples of positive progression gambling strategies include:

  • The Paroli System:Considered to be a firm favorite among betting fans, the Paroli method is particularly relied on during games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette. It simply involves selecting an amount to wager with which is doubled following a win, but used at its original value following a failed bet. This gambling method is considered especially advantageous since it can be employed even if a player has a modest-sized bankroll at their disposal and involves minimal risk in the event of a failed bet.
  • One Half Up: A method which employs an even greater degree of caution compared to the Paroli system, this option only permits you to increase your bet following two consecutive wins. Players who adopt it must only increase their wagers under suitable circumstances by half the original amount.

Negative Progression

The exact opposite of positive progression, negative progression involves increasing your bet following a failed wager but decreasing it following a successful one.

It is worth noting that it comes with the potential for stacking up profits on a short term basis and can enable you to make up for failed bets.

Examples of negative progression gambling strategies include:

  • The Martingale System: This method which happens to be one of the most popular negative progression methods involves doubling the size of your bet following a failed wager. Increasing the size of your bet under such circumstances is meant to make up for the failed bet by earning you a bigger win. While it is considered to be rather straightforward and you also get to select the basic value with which to work out the size of your bets, it is worth noting that the Martingale system can involve a considerable degree of risk to your bankroll.
  • The D'Alembert System: A gambling method which may be considered a somewhat more cautious version of the Martingale system, the D'Alembert system involves increasing the size of your bet by one unit following a failed wager. One of its main benefits is its potential to protect your bankroll from prompt and drastic reductions in size.